Tuesday, April 28, 2009

..waiting.. [tase] !It is a founder festival in the high ground on invited Hotaka.

The Kamikochi founder festival that reported the sightseeing season to have come to Northern Japanese Alps was held by previous in the water imp bridge that spanned Azusakawa in Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto city Azumi on the 27th. 2500 tourists who had waited for impatiently sounded in a sheeny Hotaka mountain range of the remaining snow and were bouncing the mind to the sound of the extending alp horn.

The person related to local prayed for the drink offering in Azusakawa in the ceremony following Hotaka Shinto shrine Shinto priest's divine service and it prayed for safety in the sink and the mountain. The Kamikochi sightseeing inn union is expecting that 110,000 people visit during Golden Week holidays.

Kamikochi is crowded with the climbing mountain guest and the tourist for seven months or more until the close of a mine type on November 15 is faced.

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