Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paper soap to have shape of petal of cherry blossoms

GEL-Design (14-1 in the Sapporo City west district departure cold) that works on the research and development of the gel material has begun the sale that started sales of new handmade paper soap "Cherry blossoms soap" on April 15 in an online shop etc. since April 15.

One piece a piece has the shape of the petal of cherry blossoms, and this commodity that uses a natural material can be used to wash one's face to say nothing of "It is gentle also to the skin" (this company) and the washroom. 5?10 piece is used in the washroom of one time. This company has handmade produced by the same manufacturing method as crystal paper pattern soap "First snow of the season" of the snow sold by the Hokkaido limitation.

「The petal of delicate cherry blossoms melts and changes into the bubble with [suu] on the palm. It made it from the suitable image beautifully 」President Hiroyuki of [tsushiba] of this company. solving"Cherry blossoms soap" is a part ..wanting to make.. grand prix in the theme "Tokyo Midtown Award 2008 design competition" general as for "New souvenir of Japan", and the audience prize is won.

The [tsushiba] president of this company is [tsushiba] president , saying that "As for the transience at the four seasons, it wants you to use it for the present etc. by all means with the paper soap soap that shows [kanasa]". It speaks with "I can send also to overseas people because it is a commodity of which the theme is a new souvenir of Japan and want to come".

In "Cherry blossoms soap", the paper soap soap of the amount to be able to do the washroom of 10?15 times is in the punnet. It descends, and the price is 1,575 yen (including tax). In Hokkaido, it sells it in [pu] another and the siesta lab (one Sapporo City Chuo Ward south west 15), etc. besides this company [onrainsho].

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