Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tetsugakunomiti of Kyoto City Sakyo Ward where carpet of cherry blossoms is beautiful

Cherry blossoms were able to scatter by Tetsugakunomiti of Kyoto City Sakyo Ward because of rain and the wind on the 14th, and to amuse tourists' eyes by "Carpet of cherry blossoms" where the petal buried ground.

Motogi sunrise of barber who visited sightseeing from Saitama Prefecture by the married couple male (67)「Full-bloomed cherry blossoms are good, and scattering is not bad. There is air, and rain also can be very beautiful the petal that buries ground, and enjoy on and the under. Kyoto doesn't get tired whenever it comes. There may be each occasion goodness by you. 」It spoke with a smile solving.

Rain that had begun to be gotten off at the dawn of the 14th became 12milli until about 3:30PM according to Kyoto Local Meteorological Observatories.

Tetsugakunomiti is a footpath in Kyoto City Sakyo Ward.

Cherry blossoms planted in both shores of Biwakososui are splendid from the vicinity of Nanzenji to Jisyouji(Ginkakuji), and it crowds with a lot of tourists in spring and the autumn of the autumn tint.

It is said that this name was given from contemplating of the philosopher and Kitaro Nishida strolling on this road. It was assumed that the one that had been called "First diameter of meditation" had come to be called "Tetsugakunomi" some day, and became a formal name in 1972. It is a stroll road of road 100 in Japan as which it chooses

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