Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gorgeous picture scroll and Hikiyama festival that holds and exceeds time of 270 years, and revives now on the fifth May 4,

Gorgeous, gorgeous, graceful festival boasting of tradition for 270 years with Toyama Prefecture Nanto city Johana for two days, May 5 May 4,An exquisite carving and paint are given, and six floats that put the god parade in whole town. Elaborate "Cell stall" to imitate one power restaurant in Kyoto Gion etc. guides each float, and a peculiar "[Ioriuta]" to Johana where it puts on the tone of the whistle and the samisen and the flow of the Edo edge song is drunk cracks and the song cracks in that.
Reference URL http://www1.tst.ne.jp/johana-k/festival/hikiyama/main.htm

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