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The seen hill park in writer's Sou Kuramoto, Kyoto prefectural Tango sea, and star is inspected.

Scenario writer Sou Kuramoto (74) spread the activity of "C・C・C Furano natural cram school" (Furano City, Hokkaido) that served as the proprietor of a crammer on the fourth, and to search for the possibility of the natural cram school establishment excluding Furano City, the seen hill park in Kyoto prefectural Tango sea and the star in Miyazu City was inspected.

A natural cram school opens on the site in the golf course in 2006. The history is likened from the birth of the earth to the road of 460 meters for about 4.6 billion years, and various environmental education is programmed "Road in the earth" that traces the history while walking and acting afforestation. This inspection was executed in cooperation with resource recycling company [amita] (Tokyo) that formed a business tie-up with a natural cram school.

Mr. Kuramoto advised, "The program that used a theatrical technique that excited not shape like school lessons but guests was necessary for a natural cram school" etc. in the garden while receiving the explanation of the employee and the park staff of [amita].
It was pointed out, "It was divided into parts on the road and the charm of Tango was wasteful though it was to be near the forest the sea", and spoke, "In the sea and the forest, the local population was the hope of the idea as for related, that is, defended each other".

Brief history of Sou Kuramoto
* Tokyo Prefecture (present and Tokyo) coming from.
* Father and Taro Yamatani (1899- 1952) were haiku poets who had the haiku title of tide in spring, and 'Wild bird glossary of seasonal terms for haiku composers' (1943) was left.
* Azabu junior high school, high school, and aesthetics of Department of Literature at The University of Tokyo department graduation.
* It becomes a scenario writer through the producer of Nippon Broadcasting System. Theater people in Japan handle the scenario and production alone.
* Reluctance is piercing the problem over right or wrong of the production participation of the scenario writer became complicated when NHK Taiga Drama 'Kaishu Katsu' is produced, and it removes to Sapporo City, Hokkaido in 1973 though it became a free scenario writer in Tokyo after it leaves the office of Nippon Broadcasting System. In addition, it removed to Furano City, Hokkaido in 1978.
* It returned with NHK by 'God of the toy' in 1999 though it was in the insulating state from the trouble over above-mentioned 'Kaishu Katsu' [oroita] for 20 years or more.
* It is generated publicity by the family drama 'From northern climes' in Furano in 1981. Even a lot of by make Hokkaido a stage dramas such as Original Story of the TV drama 'Gentle time' that draws the rupture and the reproduction of father and son's bonds in Screenplay of '[**waka] yesterday' and Furano ..Utashinai City and the Kamisunagawa-cho.. ..staging and wanting to make.. besides are famous. A stone literary prize is won by 'From northern climes' novel version in 1982 about three [yamamotoyuu] commemoration roadside.
* Purple Ribbon Medal and receiving in 2000
* The 21st Kuniko Mukaida prize was won by '2002 wills of the north from the country' in 2002.
* "Furano cram school" is established in same city [nunoreiwaka] in Furano City for the training of young man's actor and scenario writer in 1984, and it presides. The fee of ..juku student.. attending a lecture lives together for two years free of charge, Nokyo in local and cooperation of the farmer etc. are received, the help juku student oneself of field labor begins to work for one's keep in summer, and the practice for the done theatrical is done at another and the [furano] play factory of the immersion program etc. in winter. It is known by a unique art of training such as installing a primitive day (event that so-called primitive life that doesn't rely on electricity, water service, and the gas is experienced), and scenario writer Kiko Yoshida (the second stage) and actor's [hisashi] Kato (the fourth stage) and Satoru Nikaido (the sixth stage) et al. have been sent off once a year so far. Moreover, it is deeply related also to the incorporated nonprofit organization and [no] play atelier established by the receiving citizens of the activity of the Furano cram school ..falling.., and greatly contributes to the built theater and [no] play factory ..falling.. in the same city. Trees is planAted in closed Furano Prince Hotel golf links, an incorporated nonprofit organization and C・C・C Furano natural cram school where it tries to return the same place to the forest of nature are established, and it assumes the position of the proprietor of a crammer in 2005. The Furano cram school was announced by the [sotsujuku] type at ..closed cram school [surukoto].. the end of March in 2007 at the end of March in 2010.

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