Sunday, April 5, 2009

New dolls for the Boy's Festival in 2009

Brand name dolls for the Boy's Festival (白絲縅裾金物付大鎧)
sales companies Kyugetsu
Producer Yoshitaka Saotome

It is a real large armor by master craftsman girl great armored master unique by represent Japan Yoshitaka Saotome .

A small note politely sticks all the genuine leather tailoring and 2500 one piece in total together, and [kabutohachi] puts 16 pieces, and [**] consults and puts undulation on a small note by using the deerskin of this tailoring by [a] [wase] and the blowing return as sticking to the body. It is the highest class blockbuster large exactly armor.

Because Yoshitaka's armor is a genuine intention, the number of production is extremely limited.

2/3 white [****] skirt hardware large armor of latter term of tailoring Kamakura age by Yoshitaka Saotome

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