Monday, April 20, 2009

Appearance of trial-ride fair of JR Kyushu on steam locomotive "SL Hitoyoshi" April 18

In JR Kyushu, is pleasure train "SL Hitoyoshi" that steam locomotive (SL) pulls Kumamoto on April 18?The trial-ride fair for the report and the person related to local was opened ago it from between Hitoyoshi (Kagoshima line and Hisatsu line) the 25th as for the start of driving.

SL is "8620 shape" that was called "[Hachiroku]" and made of 1922 years. A large scale restoration was executed though worn out of the body had retired intensely. The passenger car produces classic atmosphere by using wood for the floor and the wall. The observation lounge can command the place along railway-tracks scenery such as Kuma rivers glazed.
"SL Hitoyoshi" is driven during the weekend, Golden Week, and summer vacation until November 29. The train is all seat specification, and the reserved-seat ticket for 800 yen is necessary besides the ticket. (Kyodo News Service)

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