Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bicycle no blowout tire increasing the sale of enterprise Katazen Ltd. in Japan on homepage

Katazen (headquarters Aichi Prefecture Obu City bubo town woods new rice field 126-1, U.S. male president of [ka] Kondo, and telephone 0562・43・7311) that works on molding and the processing of the resin parts starts increasing the sale of no blowout tire "E? core fit Inn system" that replaces the tube of air in the tire of the bicycle with a special resin. The net sales are started by its own homepage in the end of May. Moreover, it aims at the delivery of Europe to "Rental bicycle" market through the mediator.

Homepage of Katazen Ltd.

The core fit Inn system (no blowout tire for the bicycle) is e ‐ patent pending.

E-Core Fit-in System explanation PDF

Core fit Inn system (no blowout tire for bicycle)e ‐ mounting instruction

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