Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Takakyama festival of spring starts in the lLike Kyoto takayama in Hida

The Takayama festival of the 14th and spring started in Gifu Prefecture Takayama city. It is unfortunate rainy though 12 gorgeous stalls can have shone soon by cherry blossoms that face full-bloomed and it was to have been arranged. Tourists were looking at the stall where the turn was waited in the warehouse from the entrance. The mechanism dedication became an announcement in the warehouse, too and everyone that cooked it had felt admiration for the movement of the doll.

The stall is at night and there is a festival concerning the town at night when the lantern of the decorated remainder by 100 pieces floats at the dark night if rain goes up. The festival : until the 15th. The mechanism dedication on the same day is scheduled two times in the morning and the afternoon.

It expects it according to Gifu Local Meteorological Observatories, that rain continues before dawn of the 15th.

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