Saturday, April 4, 2009

The 60th Kyo Odori holding

The festival was Miyakawa-cho Kaburenjo in Kyoto City Higashiyama Ward on the third at the previous night of "The 60th Kyo Odori" that began on April 4, and the art maiko who had worn colorful clothes announced the dance like the real thing to invited guests.

The repertoire is "Elegant Teru [**] of capital [hana**] ([hanazo] of seeing and [kofuuryuukiyou])" in which seven all [**] develops speedily.

In the second [**], daughters who played in the rape blossoms field where four geishas bloomed in Sagano were expressed by graceful conduct of the Wakayanagi style, and the dancer who was excrement [shi] boiled the seat to the frog and the rabbit as for the third [**] covered from the birds and beasts character caricature of the national treasure by funny movement. Eight maikoes showed the fly gregariously for which the breath was suitable to the sixth [**] that drew [yama] of Gion Matsuri.
Geishas of full dress are reverent in commemoration of the turning point of 60 times and the act that gives a message also : during the dance. The end was finished off by "Miyakawa initiative" in which 40 art maikoes unfolded a total dancing. Until the 19th. Performance. three times a day

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