Thursday, June 25, 2009

Japan Sumo Association announces the schedule before and behind the Grand Sumo Nagoya Tournament.

Congratulations the sir-reverence of the Nagoya Sumo Tournament (?26 day and Aichi Prefecture gym on July 12) announced the schedule before and behind the [iwo] opening and the place to Japan Sumo Association in the Nagoya city on the 24th.

The main event is as follows.

Atsuta Jingu Shrine dedication parade of wrestlers in the ring * the sixth new younger brother on wrestler association * July 4 of list announcement * the 30th of wrestler Nagoya entering * the 29th June 28,, autumn sumo tournament list organization conference on final stage * the 29th of * the 26th of match organization conference * the 11th of child inspection * the tenth ring festival * first day of the 12th

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