Monday, June 8, 2009

It is Kamikochi and the 63rd Weston festival.

Address Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto city Azumi Kamikouchi

The Japan Alpine Club Shinano branch opened "The 63rd Weston festival" filled with distinguished services of Walter Weston of missionary British who introduced Japan Alps to the world in front of Kamikochi and the Weston stone monument of the Matsumoto city on June 7. The child at the Azumi elementary school that cleared completely in the blue heavens in local sounded the singing voice, and about 350 people such as climbers confirmed the importance of nature conservation each other.
Mr. (61) Miyahara Yayoi in Ueda city Koaso that visits at the ordinary year「The alpine roses flower is really beautiful this time. I want to value nature with the mind filled with the mountain. 」It spoke.

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