Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The shrine maiden on June 2, 2009 is Umechigiri Dazaifu Temmangu.

Dazaifu Temmangu homepage

"Umechigiri" that harvested the truth of god tree "Tobiume" assumed to be a flight from the capital adoring the festival god and the Sugawara true public road that had been relegated to Kyushu in Dazaifu Temmangu in Dazaifu City on the first was done.

The truth that the Shinto priest shook his branch with the bamboo pole after the divine service and diameter 2?3 centimeter is blue was dropped, and five shrine maidens (shrine maiden) gleaned it. Harvests on this day are 105 pieces. 136 pieces in total were dedicated to the main shrine with 31 pieces collected beforehand. It is said recently the harvest of many according to Tenmangu Shrine. After only the seed is actually taken out and the sun is dried, it guards.

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