Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The bead development that shines with glucose … The application is expected of the blood sugar level change measurement.

The team such as Tokyo large productive technique laboratories succeeded in making a minute bead that changed strength of light according to the dextrose concentration.

The change in diabetic's blood sugar level is expected of the application to the method of the measurement always.

It announces at the international conference held in the United States on the 21st.

The research team develops the high polymer to which strength of fluorescence increases if it unites with glucose, and processes it like the bead of about 0.1milli in the diameter. It was able to be observed to fluoresce from the skin by injecting glucose after these hundreds of beads had been injected into the hypodermic of mouse's ear.

Day several-time fingers etc. are piercingly, collect blood, and measure the needle so that the diabetic may strictly manage the blood sugar level.

The Masanao Takeuchi associate professor (microfabrication study) in this laboratory is speaking, "It wants to improve safety and the performance, and to develop the device that can measure diabetic's blood sugar level at any time in the future".

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