Wednesday, June 17, 2009

[Fusumae]: It is open to the public/Kyoto in "Take up one's pen of Asahi Cho chart" of the painter and Rosets Nagasawa of the fantastic idea and Ukyo

It is open to the public in Public School Mutual Aid Association Ranzan rest home "Hananoie" in Ukyo Ward whose [fusumae] (sliding door food)"Take up one's pen of Asahi Cho chart ([cho] meander take up one's pen [zu])" of the painter and Rosetsu Nagasawa (1799 from 1754) in Edo period specified for a Kyoto City specification and material cultural asset in April this year (this Indian ink picture and 4 sheets of paper) is those who own it from June 21st to June 27th. Entrance is free.

Now..Kyoto..City..give birth..yen..mountain..respondent..(..apprentice.It is criticized , saying that "Painter of the fantastic idea" by a unique expression. Calligrapher's Asahi Cho of China and the Tang Dynasty age that appears in "8 [nochuu] [**uta]" of [toho]) is drawn and the appearance in which the brush is spirited toward a large desk ..this figure.. ..Du Fu (.. is drawn.

This rest home is in the residence mark of the wealthy merchant and corner warehouse [shima**] at the beginning of Edo period the career of the work is uncertain though the repair work of 70 years is said use as the sliding door. It was kept in the warehouse, and it turned out a work at Yutaka politics (1801 from 1789) latter term on year of the reed snow in the evening since it constructed in the investigation of the city last year. It is spoken in the rest home, "I would like many people to see on this occasion".

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