Monday, June 8, 2009

The concentration electric vehicle of 80 latest eco-friendly cars etc. can test Yokohama.

Eco-friendly car world 2009

"Eco-friendly car world 2009" (the Ministry of the Environment, independent administrative agency environment reproduction maintenance mechanism, and Yokohama City sponsoring) of Yokohama City Nakaku started by [rengapa-ku] on June 6.

The latest about 80 eco-friendly cars such as the electric vehicle, fuel-cell cars, and the hybrid-power cars can queue up, and it hear a presentation from the staff of the manufacturer. It not only exhibits but also both of the about ten test rides including electric vehicle "[Aimi-bu]" (Mitsubishi Motors) and "Plug-in Stella" (Fuji Heavy Industries) of the sale schedule can be done in July. Until 4:00PM of the seventh. Entrance is free.

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