Thursday, June 4, 2009

The prize is a dirk made of the solid gold. Dirk Strike Championship is opened by Iga for four days October, 2009.

Homepage of Iga style art of invisibility museum

The dirk made of the solid gold of 150,000 considerable yen was prepared for the prize of "Dirk Strike Championships" in which the Iga style art of invisibility museum in the Mie Prefecture Iga city opened at the first time.

Dirk Strike is military arts cradled to Muromachi Period. The score that throws out the dirk to the target five times based on the rule that those who researched the art of invisibility reproduced competes with an accurate sheath graceful of operation in the rally.

The solid gold dirk is presented to the winner, and a silver dirk of 35,000 considerable yen is presented to 2nd place as a commodity.

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