Friday, June 5, 2009

It puts it on the market in the end of July of electric vehicle "AI・Mi-Bu”the mass production model whom Mitsubishi Motors can charge with in a domest

Mitsubishi Motors announced on the fifth that they put the first mass production model electric vehicle (EV) "Ai・Mi-Bu" (four-seater) domestically on the market in the end of July.

It is possible to run 160 kilometers at most by one charge, and max power is 64 horsepower. The purchase price is about 3.2 million yen though the price is 4 million 599 thousand yen. subtract the bounty from the Government

It takes about seven hours by 200 volts to charge it full in a domestic power supply and it takes about 14 hours by 100 volts. 1400 is scheduled to be sold to the corporation at current year, and personal is accepted in the end of July, and sold in April, 2010.

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