Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Stand in Daiba" The mobile soldier Gundam: The imposing figure is shown about 18 meters.

Address Tokyo Shinagawa Ward east Yashio 1.2 in Shiokaze park  Map


Yurikamome (Shinbashi ? wan morning moon)"Daiba" ..shank's pony.. five-"Fune-no-kagakukan" getting off minute

Capital bus from JR "Hamamatsu-cho" (01 rainbow systems)
It gets off "Daiba" in front of Tele-com Center Station going front of Kokusai-tenjijo Station Tokyo [bikkusaito] taking.. ..going...

Steamship of sightseeing in capital (Fune-no-kagakukan line)"Fune-no-kagakukan" leaving the ship

(, fortune, )Tokyo park society Tokyo waterside line (two countries ? Kasai)"Omi" leaving the ship

Parking lot (charge TEL 5531-0951)

Planned "..original size.. largeness" of 18 meters in height The Gundam image construction comes to an end in commemoration of the 30th broadcasting anniversary of animated cartoon "Mobile soldier Gundam". The minute paddle work for completion is advanced, and the imposing figure that stands in the woods in the park attracts attention on the site of Tokyo and Odaiba "Shiokaze park".

The Gundam images are about 35 tons in weight. The head says that light and the fog will occur from 50 places (movable [shi] and the body). 11 in July?It is open to the public free of charge on August 31 in this park.

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