Friday, June 19, 2009

The photo frame to which NTT DoCoMo can send the photograph by E-mail is put on the market.

When the photograph taken with the cellular phone etc. was E-mailing transmitted on June 18, 2009, NTT DoCoMo announced "Letter photo service" displayed in the digital photo frame (electrophotography setting up) with built-in wireless telecommunications function automatically. If a special digital photo frame is put in a family away, the smile of just taking now can be easily seen.

The photo frame is cut with the cellular phone and the personal computer by "Remote control".

"Letter photo service" that DoCoMo starts on July 1 is communications service of a new type that combined the e-mail functionality of the Internet with the function of the display of the photograph of the digital photo frame. It is a mechanism that the photograph with the message is sent to the photo frame through the relay server when mail that appends the photograph is transmitted from the cellular phone and the personal computer.

The photograph that has been sent is projected onto the liquid crystal screen of eight inches in the form of the slide show. Even an inexperienced person is not worried in an electronic equipment because it is displayed automatically even if it doesn't especially operate it on the photo frame side. For instance, the usage of taking grandchild's photograph by carrying, and sending it to the photo frame in grandparents' houses is thought.

「The main target is a grandpa and a grandma who parts with the grandchild and lives. Need not do a complex operation, the photo frame was designed and it made only the function simple. 」

Ono [tomo**] and the service strategy charge director of NTT DoCoMo research and development center service & solution development department speak. Because the photo frame can be operated remotely with the personal computer and the cellular phone, the photograph is added and it is possible to delete it in place of a family not good at the equipment operation.

The photograph can be transmitted from not only the cellular phone of DoCoMo but also the cellular phone and the personal computer of all careers. It is said that the preservation of about 1000 pieces or less is possible because the photograph to which mail was transmitted is converted into a small size by the server.

"New communications that make photograph chance"

The letter photo service is a commodity of the first bounce that appeared from product development project "Everyone's DoCoMo laboratory" of the user participation type. This laboratory experiences experimental service of DoCoMo by the user, and is an attempt to tie to the development of the new service referring to the opinion. Four experiment services are open to the public after it starts of April, '08, and 10,000 users or more in total are doing the experience use. Because the letter photo service was especially popular, commercialization has been decided.

「100 guests or more actually used the prototype of the photo frame, and various opinions were sent. For instance, the photograph that had been taken by carrying was made to be able to understand the portrait was more, and to correspond also to the length putting though assumed only the photo frame was set to first. 」

With the Ono service strategy charge director. I hear becoming the monitor for own father, and referring to the impression.

「The prototype is put on the parents' family it was popular though the photograph of 'Happy new year' had been presented. The person who doesn't have the chance to call the family either is not usually expecting be to good when the photograph becomes a chance and new communications arise. 」

The special photo frame of the new sale is letter photo panel "Photo panel 01", and the price is 19,800 yen. The order is taken on letter photo special site ( on June 19,'09.

Is the use charge one in July, '09 that is the campaign period though costs packet communication fees of 980 yen (A fixed amount ubiquitous plan: ? upper bound amount 9765 yen at 490 yen a month) if they up to are 210 yen a months, and 100,000 packets as the charge for the photo service use?The charge for the photo service use is free December 31, and the amount of the upper bound of packet communication fees becomes it up to 980 yen.

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