Sunday, June 21, 2009

The high school student is Tanada fashion show in the Tochigi Prefecture Motegi town.

The fashion show that the student of the height of prefectural Utsunomiya Yang, Bai announced the creation kimono of making by oneself was held in the Tochigi Prefecture Motegi town known by city planning that made the best use of Tanada as the Tanada owner was recruited from the whole country for scenic preservation on the 20th.

Students who work on the volunteer work of the Tanada reproduction plan , saying that "Let's review it as tourist resources". 18 students of the model post danced green of Tanada in backing in magnificence with "Yang, Bai Tale of Bamboo-Cutter 2009" as the theme and it danced.

12 lamplights, getting, and peculiar kimonos ……. About 100 viewers absent-mindedly : to gorgeous "Heianemaki" that appears suddenly in the country where planting rice ended. The comparison with the charm of Tanada that was original scenery of Japan was enjoyed.

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