Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Olympus minimum the world and sale in lightest July of single eye digital camera

Olympus puts digital single eye (lens exchange type) camera "Olympus pen E?P1" of world's smallest and lightest on the market on July 3 on June 16. New case "[Maikurofo-sa-zushisutemu]" of the lens exchange type jointly developed with Panasonic is adopted. The small size, lightening, and the price cutting were achieved while a high-resolution not inferior to the single lens reflex digital camera by a newly developed picture processing technique was secured.

Olympus is PR , saying that "The difficult point 'A heavy operation is difficult' of the single lens reflex was solved". It catches up with Canon Inc. and Nikon that occupies the share of about 80 percent in the single lens reflex digital camera market in cooperation with Panasonic.

"Pen E?P1" easily operated it as the shooting mode was able to be changed on the liquid crystal screen where subject had been projected while the size was miniaturized by 40 percent or more compared with a usual single lens reflex digital camera, and weight was lightened by about 12%. About 100,000 yen is assumed with 14?42 milli lens though it is an open price.

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