Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It is Hanakanzashi in black hair.

MItsuo Sadanaga53 of Hanaknzashi manufacturing sales Kintakedo at the fifth generation for Gionmatsuri in July) doesn't have the be absorded in in the Hanaknzashi making. Maiko's (maiko) black hair is colored until the 28th when MIkokshiarai is done on the tenth when HOkotate starts.

There are two kinds of Hanaknzashi of "Katsuyama" that does [**] in front of "Yokosashi" and the topknot at the left of the forelock. Katsuyama for the festival that the work is different according to maiko's years of experience, debuts, and 2?3 year's maiko uses unites 48 [ginhana] of two centimeters in the diameter to three steps, and treats four butterflies that put a pink double wing on the back side of the wing. A senior maiko adjusts 110 [ginhana] of one centimeter in the diameter to five steps, and the back of butterfly's wing is made light blue.

A different decoration is both sprinkled every year, and moderate three pieces made from the transparent cloth are put this year. The number of Yokosashi is moderate three on a small flower. It is particularly colorful in about 20 kinds of flower ornamental hairpins substituted every month such as cherry blossoms in April, the wistaria in May, the snake lilies, and buttons. Fixed [naga]「Princess way. Men of old times might have thought about the design to feel cool and colorfulness at the sultriest time in Kyoto. 」It guesses.


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