Friday, June 19, 2009

With HAPPOEN with the geisha"Parlor play"

HAPPOEN holds event "2009 platinum UTAGE" to be able to experience "Parlor play" with the geisha in annex "hakuhoukan" in the garden. The date is five times on the 31st 22, 23, 24, and the 30th July, 2009.

Can it talk, and the serving sake be done by the project said that it will enjoy a chic culture of Japan such as "Houkangei" with geisha's dance, "Parlor play", and the drum rice cake while enjoying the real Japanese food dinner course as the geisha and the professional jester.

The price is 15,000 yen a person.

It is said it is popular from can the experience of the geisha play assumed to cost tens of thousands of yen a person in a reasonable price every year though the event receives year third in this year.

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