Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tadpole after fine?In Nanao City and Hakusan City'Fallen.

The truth is a mystery though it ..witnessing.. comes one after another.

It entered June, and the report with "The tadpole has fallen from the sky" come one after another in Nanao City and Hakusan City in Ishikawa Prefecture. The cause is not understood, and the citizens are puzzled.

The start was a parking lot at the Nanao City Nakashima citizens center on the evening of the fourth. Male staff member (52) who happened to be「[Ponponpon] and the sound were heard. It mixes with drizzle when looking up and the tadpole of several centimeters has fallen. About 100 every 200 square meters or more has scattered. 」It testifies. It is said the first experience.

Ten tadpoles were this time dead several on the following six mornings of the day on the second in the parking lot in Hakusan City. Female company employee (47) who is lucky to the car of the corpse「It collapsed as having fallen from a high place. It is yucky. 」It speaks.

There was a rice field where the tadpole ended so that both were also near. There is no high building that can be dropped on by the mischief.

Tornado that it is likely to make fish fall from the sky. It was not a weather condition according to Local Meteorological Observatories Kanazawa to which the tornado occurred. And, it was negative, "It is a doubt that the living thing of other volumes that looked like was not found".

The guess with "The bird that had been holding it in one's mouth spilt it" also : in local. However, Japan Wild-Bird Society (Tokyo) :. 「The tadpole is unpalatable food for the bird. The nutritive value is also low. 」It is negative.

Then, it attaches to the possibility that the tadpole flies over the sky, and [ugo] thing garden (Ishikawa Prefecture Nomi City) is "Naturally, do not fly ..boiling... " only in being. The truth is a mystery.

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